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this spring i plan on going to a pet show in Germany, and my question is this. will there be some one there selling crabs? id like to get my hands over some new geosesarma. here in sweden they don´t sell as many that they do over there.

here is a link to the show.
Hi muffin,

I'm quite sure there will be some shops that sell crabs in Hannover. Plus You can meet Moni and us or listen to a presentation about crabs form us. Icon_wink
it be fun to se you guys, will it be in German or English im not that good at german yet but i can count to 10 now ^^ i will make sure to bring a good transport box for the small crabs then, thx a lot for the answer m8.
Oh muffin, You're right, the presentation will be in German. But we still can meet and talk a bit. You can find us at the meeting point of the Dähne Verlag (where the magazines "caridina", "aquaristik" and "terraristik" are published). We can give You our phone numbers if You want to be sure to be meet us. Icon_wink
that is to bad but we can meet up a bit after, i don´t have a phone it broke and im to lazy to fix a new one. I will be sure to look you guys up for sure, and it be fun to get some pointers of what im doing wrong here at home haha.

hope to se you at the show buddy Icon_mrgreen i will be the half lost swed at the show.
Hi muffin,
you can meet us better at our own meeting-point Icon_wink
Look for Panzerwelten and you won´t need a phone
hi there Icon_mrgreen

armor worlds is that the stand you two will be standing at ? but i will be sure to look for it, i am so looking foreword to this trip now.
You´ll better look for Panzerwelten without any translation Icon_wink

Our meeting-point will probably look something like this, so you'll quickly recognize the logo.
hmm... hanover ist ja garnicht so weit weck wann genau seid ihr da moni??
wow that looks amazing i will be sure to look for that stand. do you know if there is any one that is selling Red Devils i need 4-5 female in my tank. im looking foreword to the trip even more now Icon_mrgreen

btw is it ok if i post this image on my blog to show ppl where im going this winter?
Potti: 24.-26.1., siehe Icon_wink

muffin: Yes, it is okay, You may do so.
jeah es könnte gut sein das mein frauchen und ich da hinfahren nur festlegen will ich mich noch nicht der januar ist ein böser monat -$$$ Icon_mrgreen